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Friday, June 12, 2009

STSADMWin - a windows based STSADM Tool

As STSADM is a command line utility, and the command-line is somewhat limited compared to Windows GUI, especially when it comes to non-English usage, there is a room for GUIs like stsadmWin (STSADM for Windows). I am always a fan of STSADMWIN a windows based STSADM Tool since I found it in 2003/2004. The new version works with both Sharepoint 2003 and 2007. Try it! It will make your life lot easy..


How stsadmWin works?

stsadmWin reads a list of commands from an XML file (namely: operations.xml), and displays a combo with the operations, denoting mandatory and optional parameters, and linking to the utility’s help.



You can download STSADMWin from following link:



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