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Monday, September 7, 2009

Site templates not available in create site page

When you click on the “create site” in site action menu, or by going to view all content and create sites and workspaces you will see that, not all site templates are available to create site from.


The solution: The reason might be that you have NOT enabled self service site creation option in the central administration.


Go to Central administration site of your sharepoint server > click on Application Management > under Application Security section, click on self-service site management and choose option “On” and click “OK”




Go back to the site action manu and create site this should now point you to a new page called scsignup.aspx and not newsbweb.aspx

If it’s not taking you to scsignup.aspx then manually go to http://yourserver/_layouts/scsignup.aspx

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